Japanese Knotweed Treatment in Torquay

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Japanese Knotweed Treatment in Torquay

If you are looking for a treatment option for an over growth of Japanese Knotweed, then we are the leading UK experts and you have defiantly come to the right place! We have been specialising in the treatment of Japanese Knotweed for many years and are able to provide treatments for growths of all sizes.

Experts On Hand

We have a range of experts who are on hand on a daily basis in order to cater for the UKs needs for Japanese Knotweed treatments which we can offer in a range of forms, depending on the size of the problem.

Fully Environmentally Friendly

All of our Japanese Knotweed treatments are fully environmentally friendly as we pride ourselves on our eco friendly work and would not wish to cause any further damage to the area in question.

Knotweed Can Spread Incredibly Quickly

Without treatment, Japanese Knotweed can spread incredibly quickly, growing at almost 10cm per day at its worst. This can cause roots to break through foundations and ruin buildings, bridges and roads in the most extreme circumstances.

None Of Our Treatments Are Harmful

When looking at treatment for your Japanese Knotweed problem, we will assess the extent of the problem before deciding on a treatment. None of our treatments are harmful to animals or the environment and we will also treat the area once the plant and roots have been removed to ensure that no traces are left behind which could cause the problem to flare up again.

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