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Japanese Knotweed Specialists

We have been Japanese Knotweed removal and treatment specialists for many years and are now the UKs leading company when it comes to dealing with these highly dangerous and wild weeds. There are many specialists around who claim to be able to remove Japanese Knotweed, but we are the only company who have successfully removed over 98% of Japanese Knotweed using only environmentally friendly products which are undamaging to others, animals and the surrounding environment.

Exterminating Those Weeds

Our Japanese Knotweed specialists have many ways of exterminating those weeds for good and the size of the plantation and area of the spread will depend on which treatments our specialists will use.

Full Intensive Treatment

Our Japanese Knotweed removal specialists will ensure that the entire area is treated after the removal of the plants, to ensure that there is no trace of the weed left what so ever. We will also take the plant and roots away from your property in order to be properly disposed of by our experts who will ensure that no other areas are affected by the Japanese Knotweeds which they have removed from locations around the UK.

Trusted Tradesmen

All our specialists who are trusted tradesmen in the removal of the Japanese Knotweed weed, have been professionally trained by other specialists to ensure that they are doing the best job in the business. If you require our specialists help, please call us today.

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We look forward to assist you with your Japanese Knotweed Specialists enquiries. If you have any questions please call us today on: 02031467386 to find out more.