Japanese Knotweed Mortgage in Winslow

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Japanese Knotweed Mortgage in Winslow

If you are trying to sell your property, you may find yourself in a world of bother if you have an growth of Japanese Knotweed on your property, as most mainstream lenders will refuse potential buyers a mortgage on a property which has Japanese Knotweed growing on it.

Structeral Damage

This is due to the structural and foundation damage which can be caused by the weed. Japanese Knotweed spreads so fast and has such strong roots, that it is more than capable of ruining houses, bridges, roads and any other structures. You may also find you will be refused a re-mortgage if you have a property which is found to have Japanese Knotweed growing nearby.

Your Mortgage May Be Affected

Not only can this affect your ability to sell or re-mortgage your property, but any neighbours which are close to your property may also have the same issues, due to the spread of the Japanese Knotweed roots underground.

The Weed can Grow 10cm Per Day

This type of very dangerous weed can grow up to 10cm per day which is why it is usually best to call our expert team straight away, although we are capable of removing any Japanese Knotweed in order to help save your property and get you back on the mortgage ladder.

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