Japanese Knotweed Eradication in Aylsham

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Japanese Knotweed Eradication in Aylsham

If you are aware of any quantity of Japanese Knotweed in or around your property, we will be more than happy to eradicate these weeds for you.

use environmentally friendly methods

When eradicating such weeds as Japanese Knotweed, we must always use environmentally friendly methods to ensure we are not killing off anything else in the process and are not causing any further damage to the environment. There are many ways which we can help to eradicate Japanese Knotweed, which will depend on the severity of the roots and the area which the knotweed covers.

We Guarantee

Even when the Japanese Knotweed is classed as being at a critical stage, we will guarantee to come up with an environmentally friendly method to ensure that all traces of the Japanese Knotweed is removed and disposed of. We will also treat the area afterwards to further prevent the reoccurrence of Japanese Knotweed in the identified problem area.

Highly Qualified

The Japanese Knotweed eradication specialists who work with us are all highly qualified specialists who are fully aware of the damage which can be caused by untreated Japanese Knotweed. Our environmentally friendly eradication methods are highly sought after throughout the UK, as Knotweed is one of the hardest and most destructive weeds to have to get rid of.

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