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Japanese Knotweed Contractor

We have been offering Japanese Knotweed contracts to clients for many years, as this is often the best way of getting rid of a serious case of Japanese Knotweed which could be destroying any surrounding roads, bridges and buildings.

Treat Quickly

The sooner Japanese Knotweed is noticed, the easier it is to treat, but in some circumstances this is not always the case. For example, we have had many clients over the years who have had no idea that the jungle growing at a ridiculous rate outside or around their property is actually Japanese Knotweed which roots could have been eating into the foundations of the property causing it to potentially become structurally unsound.

Hire An Expert

In cases like these, the only way to rid the grounds of your property for the Japanese Knotweed is to hire our expert contractors who will work around the clock to safely remove the weed and its roots to ensure that the problem does not worsen over time. All our contracting methods of Japanese Knotweed removal are completely environmentally friendly and will not cause any harm to any animals, humans or the environment.

Once we have removed the weed and its roots, we will then take them away from the area so they can be safely disposed of without any risk of the plant spreading to other areas.

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